Kegel Balls
Exercise Methods
Exercise Methods with Kegel Balls

With kegel balls like the smart ball. There are several different ways to use it for kegel exercising.  Here are some of the different methods for the smart balls which are a pair of kegel balls connected together with a cord at the end.

1. The most common, insert the balls into the vagina and contract on them in repetitions.  You can insert both balls or just one ball and leave the other one out.

2. Insert the balls and tug on the cord.  As you tug on the cord, flex your muscles to keep the balls from being pulled out. 

3. After putting the balls in, try to use your muscles to push the balls out without using the cord.

Fun Tips

1. Leave the kegel balls in all day and every time you feel the weights in the balls vibrate due to movement, do a contraction.

2.  If you have a vibrator, use it to tug on the cord to give the balls some extra vibration.

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